This survey is for clients of the B-BBEE Commision

Welcome to the Client Satisfaction Survey for the B-BBEE Commission.

Please take the 2 minutes and complete the survey, which will help us improve our service offerings to you.

May you please provide rating and comments on the service offerings relevant to you.


Thank you advance for taking your time and helping us improve our services.

Details of the Client

Please provide your gender.
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How Will You Rate Our Services?    MEETINGS

How did the B-BBEE Commission's Staff welcome you?
Did the B-BBEE Commission's staff interpret the information to you in a simple and understandable language?
How responsive was the B-BBEE Commission to your request for a meeting?
How satisfied were you with the overall time spent at the B-BBEE Commission?

How Will You Rate Our Services?    ADVISORY SERVICES

How satisfied were you with the Non-Binding Advisory opinion?
How satisfied were you with our response to your request for clarification or telephone query?
Was the B-BBEE Commission staff helpful in interpreting the B-BBEE Act?

How Will You Rate Our Services? ACCESSIBILITY

How likely are you to recommend services of the B-BBEE Commission to others?
Did you find it easy to communicate with the B-BBEE Commission via e-mail or telephone?
How accessible is our office for walk-ins?
Were you satisfied with the overall time it took the B-BBEE Commission to attend to issues raised?
How user friendly is our website?

How Else Can We Improve Our Services?

Recommendation for improvement / Supplementary comments