Our legislative mandate emanates from the Act, which includes the regulations and the codes. The Minister may from time to time issue notices to clarify or guide the implementation of the Act, and this is done through the Government Gazette.

Purpose of Notice or Application in terms (Section / Regulation) Form: B-BBEE No
Compliance Report by Sphere of Government, Organ of State and Public Entities S 13G(1) of Act FORM: B-BBEE 1
Compliance Report by company listed on Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) S 13G(2) of Act FORM: B-BBEE 1
Compliance Report by Sectoral Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) S 13G(3) of Act FORM: B-BBEE 2
Notice of Non-Compliance Reg 12(10) FORM: B-BBEE 3
Notice for Rejection of Report Reg 12(11) (a) FORM: B-BBEE 4
Notice of Compliance Reg 12(13) FORM: B-BBEE 5
Restricted / Confidential Information S 13L of Act FORM: B-BBEE 6
Complaint Form S 13J of Act FORM: B-BBEE 7
Request for Additional Information Reg 15(4) (b) FORM: B-BBEE 8
Demand for Corrected Information Reg 15(7) FORM: B-BBEE 9
Notice to Investigate S 13J of Act FORM: B-BBEE 10
Notice of Non-Investigation of Complaint Reg 15(9) FORM: B-BBEE 11
Notice of Referral to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ARD) Reg 15(11) (a) FORM: B-BBEE 12
Notice of Referral of Complaint S 13J (5) and (6) of Act FORM: B-BBEE 13
Application to Exceed Qualification Criteria S 9(6) of Act FORM: B-BBEE 14
Certificate of Approval Reg 19(7) and 20(8) (a) FORM: B-BBEE 15
Submission of Deviation or Exemption Report Reg 20(10) (a) FORM: B-BBEE 16
Application for Deviation / Exemption S 10(2) of Act FORM: B-BBEE 17
Major B-BBEE Transaction S 13F(1) (f) of Act FORM: B-BBEE 18
Registration Certificate Reg 18(2) (b) FORM: B-BBEE 19
Commissioning of Summons S 13K of Act FORM: B-BBEE 20
Notice of Extension of Time for Further Investigation Reg 17(3) (d) (ii) FORM: B-BBEE 21